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The Spa at The Oaks

Welcome to the Spa at The Oaks. Relax and unwind with one of our many Spa treatments and Spa days or come take advantage of our pool and gym for a truly full body experience. Please feel free to download our brochure and begin you Spa journey today.

Experience The Spa at The Oaks

Our premium gym with an endless list of cutting edge facilities that will take your breath away. Come and enjoy the best fitness has to offer.

Saunariums have long been known to aid relaxation, and at The Oaks Spa, relaxation is what we do best.

Take time for yourself and allow the heat to melt your cares away. Time for yourself is the best relaxation after all.

Steam Room
The benefits and experience of our steam room are long proven.

You will feel the benefit of higher humidity, giving a ‘soft’ heat, which combined with the eucalyptus water mist, helps alleviate respiratory problems. The vapour leaves the skin feeling smoother, any dryness or sensitivity is noticeably reduced, the warm eucalyptus water mist also leaves you refreshed and re-energised.

Aromatherapy Room 
Perfect for relaxation, increasing circulation, cleansing and toning the skin, allowing you to gently de-stress. Great for the respiratory system and to relieve congestion, the aromatherapy room also serves as a gentle exfoliant, leaving skin glowing and beautifully smooth.

Feature Shower
Feature shower is the perfect way to refresh between heat treatments and to cleanse your body and brighten your soul.

Relaxation Room
Our relaxation lounge is designed for just that…relaxing. Enjoy complimentary juice and water while you unwind or indulge in a nap. You’re here to escape, so curl up with a delightful book or magazine in one of our comfy beds, it’s the perfect way to relax between treatments

Would you like to know more?

Our range of services and treatments are always changing to give you the very best experience. If you would like to know more please click the link and get in touch

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